Guideline to Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Guideline


You are invited to submit abstracts for Oral, Poster, or Motion Picture presentation. Please submit the abstract via the online submission system. Please read the following guidelines carefully before submission:

1.    The abstract must be written in ENGLISH.

2.    The abstract should NOT exceed 250 words.

3.    Title should be typed in CAPITALS.

4.    Please provide the address of the institution where the scientific work was undertaken.

5. The content of the abstract should include:
    i) Aim
    ii) Methods
    iii) Results
    iv) Conclusion

6. Oral or Poster abstract should be submitted as either Clinical Study or Basic Science Research.

7. You can select the format of presentation from one of the followings:
    -Oral or Poster  
    -Poster Only
    -Motion Picture 
You can choose whether you would like to enter the award competition or not. Please note that only one submission would be selected for award competition even there are more than one submissions from same author are selected to the Full Oral Presentation/ Poster Round/ Motion Picture session.

8. The best oral presentation will be awarded the RCSEd China Medal;
The second best oral presentation will be awarded the CSHK Award;
There will be at most one award for Basic Science Research;
The best poster presentation will be awarded the Best Poster Award;

The best motion picture will be awarded the Best Motion Picture Award.

  Form of awards
RCSEd China Medal Medal & HKD2,000 cash prize
CSHK Award Certificate & HKD2,000 cash prize
Best Motion Picture Award Certificate & HKD1,000 cash prize 
Best Poster Award Certificate & HKD1,000 cash prize

9. Eligibility: Presenting author of an abstract for award competition must not be older than 40 years by 2 November 2024. Only presenters who can present in-person are eligible to compete for competition awards.

10. Abstract will be evaluated by the following criteria:
    i) Originality
    ii) Experimental Design /Technique
    iii) Results / Presentation
    iv) Scientific / Clinical Value

11. Submission of an abstract implies that you or your colleagues have not and will not submit similar materials to a journal before its presentation at the Congress and appearance in a Supplement of the College journal “Surgical Practice”. An abstract which has already published as a full manuscript will be rejected.  

12. Salami Slicing (publishing small ‘slices’ of research in several different papers) is prohibited.

13. Local or Mainland Centre participants with accepted abstracts can enjoy HKD$300 registration fee for the RCSEd/CSHK Conjoint Scientific Congress even if they register after the early bird registration deadline.

Motion Picture Submission Guideline

1. For motion picture submission, please submit
    i) an abstract describing the motion picture according to the above guideline; AND
   ii) the internet link for the video (e.g. google drive)

2. The duration of the video should NOT exceed 8 minutes.

3. English narrations should be included.

4. If any background music is used in the video, both the composer and the artist performing the piece should be cited.

5. After submission, NO change will be allowed in the video. Your submitted video will be used for presentation at the Congress.